Expert, Data-led Analysis

We offer bespoke situational reporting and briefings on conflict actors' kinetic and communications activities. This will be unique, data-led and tailored to the client’s geographical, organizational and thematic focus.

Reports for clients are compiled by our team of research professionals. These experts specialize in terrorism, insurgency and extremist communications and draw on far-reaching experience supporting CT and CVE programs with cutting-edge analysis.

A selection of reports produced by this team and harnessing the power of ExTrac can be viewed below.

In-Depth Reports

Our In-Depth Reports leverage the full extent of ExTrac’s conflict-, comms-, and discourse-tracking capabilities, providing expert, practicable insights on complex problem-sets.

A Prison Attack and the Death of its Leader
Weighing Up the Islamic State’s Trajectory in Syria
CTC Collaboration
February 2022
A 'New' Islamic Emirate?
The Taliban’s Outreach Strategy in the Aftermath of Kabul
RESOLVE Collaboration
January 2022
Islamic States’s West African Power Grab
A Strategic Assessment
April 2021
The Islamic State in Mozambique
A Profile
September 2021
A Threat Assessment
August 2021
Mapping the Extremist Narrative Landscape in Afghanistan
A Threat Assessment
November 2020

Spot Reports

Our Spot Reports offer up-to-the minute analysis on significant events as they unfold.

Kremlin Revises Ukraine Campaign Narrative
Spot Report
15 March 2022
Russian Disinformation Activities around the CBRN ‘Threat’ in Ukraine
Spot Report
13 March 2022

Weekly SitRep

Our Weekly Reports offer decision-makers a concise breakdown of conflict actors' in-country operations and communications over the past week, complete with conflict visualizations from ExTrac.


Our Fortnightly Reports offer in-depth tactical analysis of conflict actors’ military, operational and communications dynamics over the previous two weeks, contextualized within other country/regional security, humanitarian and politico-economic developments.

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